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Department of Chemistry Organic Chemistry & The Chemistry of Biological Systems

Matteson Lectureship

Two Day Short Course on Important Aspects of Drug Discovery

Phil Cox Ph. D, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Discovery Chemistry and Technology, AbbVie.

Washington State University, October 24th and 25th 2016

Course Outline (pdf)

Part 1- Property based drug design

This lecture will introduce one of the most important aspects of small molecule drug discovery, property based drug design.


PowerPoint Link Part 1 Download


Part 2- Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) (Please note the lighting will correct itself as the video plays)

FBDD is a burgeoning area of drug discovery that was pioneered at Abbott Laboratories (now AbbVie) in the 1990’s. This lecture will give an overview of how FBDD has evolved into a front line technology for discovering drugs which is now practiced by all major pharma companies

PowerPoint Link Part 2 Download