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Department of Chemistry Organic Chemistry & The Chemistry of Biological Systems

News & Events

  • Dr. Phil Cox presented a short course on drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry.  See the Matteson Lectureship link in the left menu for details.
  • The Mancini Lab’s research on enzyme-directed immunostimulants for cancer immunotherapy was recently featured in ChemMedChem.  Small-molecule immunostimulants, such as imidazoquinolines, are known to generate potent anti-cancer immune responses in-vitro. However, their clinical use is limited due to systemic inflammatory toxicity. The Mancini Lab’s approach to this problem involved creating the first imidazoquinoline immunostimulants that can be selectively controlled by enzymes on cancer cells. The lab has shown that these enzyme-directed pro-immunostimulants activate immune cells in the presence of melanoma cancer cells and do not generate off-target activation without cancer cells present. It is envisioned that one day this concept could be used be used to drive an anti-cancer immune response initiated by cancer cells themselves.